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Find Your Business Niche

Use a second language, other special skills, hobbies, and similarities in past/current clients to focus your marketing efforts and generate more sales!

Last October, Inman news ran a story about how a group of French brokers in Miami had launched a non-profit organization that matches French-speaking Realtors to French-speaking home-buyers interested in purchasing property in the U.S. Even if you don’t speak French, this article likely speaks to you because as a REALTOR®, you recognize the need to find your niche.

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2013, around 40,000 real estate agents were actively working in the U.S. The need to stand out then is pretty clear: If you do speak another language, reach out to the local community and offer to provide a home buying seminar in that language.  Be sure to cover any cultural and sales-process differences that might exist in the U.S. vs. other countries.  Having someone who can help navigate the home buying or selling process in another person’s language-of-choice and cultural perspective is definitely an advantage.

Of course, this niche marketing can extend beyond language specialties.  Perhaps you’ve sold several properties to local flight attendants and know where the best “secure condos” can be found close to the local airport. Or, you’re an avid equestrian who understands the type of property that’s needed to build a stable in the backyard.

While not everyone speaks another language, looking at your hobbies and similarities in past/current clients can identify a niche you didn’t even know you had – and generate more sales for you!