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Why you'll love ReferralExchange


Let us filter, qualify and refer your leads so you can focus on the best opportunities and stop chasing dead leads.


Start your real estate journey with confidence with a referral to quality agents and help along the way from our hands-on team.


White-label service to help your agents find the right in-network referral for their clients, using sophisticated data science and a professional support team.

The right connection through ReferralExchange drives better results
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Prior to contacting ReferralExchange, our house sat on the market for 6 months. Once we signed with Sue and Charlie, who were referred by ReferralExchange, we had an offer on our home within a week. right quote

— Amy P. California

Introducing LIVE by ReferralExchange

Leads qualified by a licensed, professional team that acts like a seamless extension of your brand.


We help turn your raw leads into clients who are ready to transact.


Our licensed customer service team calls and warms up your leads.


We’ve spent 10+ years building sophisticated software that uses advanced data science to make the most successful consumer-agent connections.

People, not leads

In the last 15 years, the real estate industry had been obsessed with one word: Leads.

That’s great. Who doesn’t like a good lead? But this obsession has taken our eye off other ways to grow a real estate business. The ways that mattered most before we talked about portals, apps and algorithms - and still matter most today - like working your sphere of influence, and leveraging a personal database.

Online leads are a numbers game. The cost to play is high. The experience - for consumers and agents alike - is chaotic and impersonal. It’s no wonder agents hate most leads, and buyers and sellers don’t want to be them.

Our approach? Connect serious buyers and sellers to top quality agents using a team of trained people empowered with cutting edge data science.

Help agents focus their time and energy on what they do best, by filtering, qualifying, and referring their leads with minimum effort and maximum confidence. Consumers win because they’re treated like people, not leads. Agents win because they can grow their business in a tried and true way we’ve improved upon.

It’s more than leads. It’s a great real estate experience.