Success Stories
Agents just like you are already using ReferralExchange to earn more money from their outbound referrals.
Steven Drake — Lyons Team Realtors, Moneta, VA

A way to find someone who knows what they're doing

"There was no fumbling around on my end, no going online and checking for who can do this and who can't do that. ReferralExchange already did all that. And, in the end, I knew I was going to get a check. I can honestly say to my friends and family that ReferralExchange is a way to find someone who knows what they're doing. It's no muss, no fuss."

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Nicole Mickle — Olde Town Brokers, Orlando, FL

A great source of residual income

"I had a friend of a friend (outside my market) who needed to be in a house in 35 days. I placed them into ReferralExchange and let the service take it from there. They loved the agent they chose and the entire process took me 30 minutes. I’ve also been getting a lot of leads through Instagram with relocation needs that I've submitted to the network. It's a really good process."

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John & Pat LaDeur — Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Bloomingdale, IL

Our clients tell us they’re being matched with top agents

“We had a client who was looking to relocate, and we got a call one day that she was about to board a flight to go look for homes in New York. She wanted to meet a top agent as soon as the plane landed. Thanks to ReferralExchange, our client was met by a qualified agent, and after locating the perfect community, they closed the deal."

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Anthony Melos — Texas USA Realty, Houston, TX

My experience was everything I thought it would be and more

"I have 15 agents I manage as a broker and I wanted to spend more time focusing on them vs. dealing with referrals. In the past, I’ve had to call my client and look up an agent for them. It’s easy to lose track of the transaction. ReferralExchange takes it to a different level. I love the flexibility and consistent updates from them. I don’t know any other company that does the follow-up that ReferralExchange does."

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David Lyon — Keller Williams Realty, Alexandria, VA

The process to enter information into ReferralExchange is simple and easy to use

"Being in the military, I was looking for a system where I could earn additional income without much effort. Using ReferralExchange I spent approximately 10 minutes on my first closing. The 10 minutes consisted of entering information into ReferralExchange 2-3 minutes, and responding to emails."

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Mike Hobbs — Metes & Bounds Realty, Camarillo, CA

Service is fast and easy to use

"I’m closing many leads through the service. I like the format of the software and how intuitive and easy it is to use. ReferralExchange has been well received by my clients -- The agents are competent and contact my clients in a very simple and timely manner. As a boutique shop, I now have a national presence and can service clients in or out of my area just as well as a national brand can. I would recommend any small broker or company join ReferralExchange and do the same."

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Dana Phillips — Phillips & Associates Realty, San Antonio, TX

Save time and eliminate worries

"ReferralExchange is perfect for any type of referral and has become an extension of me and my company. I use it for clients, friends – and their friends – who are moving out of the area or are located in another state of city. It saves me time and completely eliminates the searching and wondering. The agents are great, the follow-up is amazing and I don’t have to worry about my clients at all. The service is also easy to use and super fast. I just type in the client’s information and with a click of a button, ReferralExchange does all of the work."

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Ginger Childs — RE/MAX Achievers, Inc., Collegeville, PA

Saves a lot of work for me

“I love ReferralExchange because, working for RE/MAX, I could put through a referral — but what do I know about the agent who might get it? Nothing. However, your company works with top agents throughout the country.  You know the areas they cover and can direct the buyers or sellers in the right direction. ReferralExchange also saves a lot of work for us on our end in submitting a referral.”

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Ryan Ford — Watson Realty Corp, St. Augustine, FL

Helps me keep up with today's global marketplace

"My No. 1 goal is to make sure my clients benefit from the referral. I want the customer to be happy. The referral fee is great, but the satisfaction of knowing the customer is happy comes back to me 100 percent. "

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Tashia Burton — Keller Williams Realty, Wayne, PA

It's an easy process and something other agents should explore

"Without ReferralExchange, it would have been a lot more leg work on my end. I didn’t have to choose the agent for my client, which made it really easy. It was very easy for me to start the process and easy for my client to assess the available agents. They had a great experience."

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