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Organize your way to success

Having all of your important data in a single, master document makes updating your information a breeze.

Getting organized is a popular New Year’s Resolution for many of us – but probably one of the hardest to accomplish.  Especially, when it comes to updating information and profiles on the myriad of CRM systems and websites you’re a member of.  Making these updates can be laborious and time-consuming.  Not only do you need to make sure that your information is consistent across all sites, but sometimes it’s a challenge is simply remember where you have posted profiles or information in the first place.

To make the process easier create a document that contains all of your stats, key phrases, and information on it – you can do this in Word or Google Drive.  List all of the different websites, groups, and organizations that you’re affiliated with, as well as a link to the login page and the date that you make an update, for each.  Every time you join a new group or create a new profile, be sure to add it to the master list.

At the beginning of every year, update that document – years in the business, memberships, group affiliations, sales data, etc.  If you’ve expanded your business to cover a specific buyer/seller type or a new neighborhood or city – make sure you include that information as well.

Next, click on each profile link and copy/paste your information as needed. It’s as easy as that.  No more having to search for current data each time – or worrying about what you put where.

Having all of your important information and data in a single, master document seems simple, but makes updating your information – and achieving one of your New Year’s goals – a breeze.