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As we head towards the home stretch for 2015 and the market starts to slow down, it’s time to take advantage of the quiet and update our online profiles and bios.  Many websites utilize your stats to assign agent ratings and rankings, so it’s more important than ever to make sure that your information is correct. Given below is a quick “top 6” of items to update/double-check before the end of the year:

1) Update Your Photo:  If you haven’t changed your photo in five years, or if you’re still using a quick “selfie” you took at your desk, it’s a good idea to have a new one taken.  While you don’t need to use a professional photographer, be sure to dress professionally and avoid taking pictures against a busy background.  A “head and shoulders” shot is best – especially for smaller profile photos.

2) Update Your Sales and Transactions: Make sure your sales and transaction data – as well as property types – are current. 2015 was a great year — and you should showcase your success!

3) Coverage Area:  If you expanded your business to cover new zip codes, towns, neighborhoods, or cities this past year, make sure your online profiles reflect all of the areas you cover. You don’t want to lose prospective clients because they don’t think you have expertise in a particular market.

4) Specialties: Do you speak another language? It’s important to list this information. As more foreign buyers enter the U.S. market, additional language skills can make the different between whether or not you retain a client.

5) Awards and Designations: If you’ve obtained any new realtor awards or designations, make sure to add them to your website to show your successes and qualifications.

6) Be Consistent: Make sure that your information is consistent across all profiles. A prospective client will often check multiple sources when looking for an agent, and inconsistent information makes you appear less organized and professional.

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