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7 Ways to Keep Clients for Life

You’ve spent months and months helping your client look for their dream home. Finally, the papers are signed and the keys in their hand. Your job is complete – so what happens next? It’s easy to become consumed by the next buyer or seller, however it’s equally important to maintain relationships with former clients. After all, a happy client will likely use your service again and is often the best referral source for future business. Below are seven easy ways to maintain relationships with your old clients while garnering new referrals.

  1. Send them a closing gift. There’s no better time to give your client a gift and help them celebrate than after a transaction ends. Keep your name top of mind by giving them a thoughtful gift such as a monogrammed welcome mat or painting of their house they can enjoy and use in their new home.
  1. Be their resource. In the real estate industry, it’s natural to develop relationships over time with landscapers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths – the list goes on. Connecting your clients with these reliable and trustworthy resources will save them time and proves you are valuable beyond closing. Ask your loyal vendors if they would consider giving discounts on their services to your clients. You’ll have happy clients and they will get new business and referral opportunities. It’s a win-win.
  1. Tell them about your upcoming open houses. Even if your former clients aren’t in the market to buy a new house, consider inviting them or giving them a heads up that you will be in their neighborhood to host an open house. Often times neighbors will pop into open houses to see how it compares to their house. You never know when a former client may have a friend or family member who is ready to buy.
  1. Call them occasionally. A simple gesture such as a phone call is an easy way to check in and catch up with old clients. A quick call from time to time to ask how things are going with the house is a great reminder that if they ever need anything – or if they know of anyone interested in buying or selling a home – you are just a phone call away.
  1. Add them to your holiday contact list. If you send out holiday cards each year, make sure to include your former clients. This can help you stay top of mind as they enter the new year. Find personalized and practical holiday gift ideas here. Also, don’t forget to include a couple of business cards.
  1. Host a client appreciation event. Hosting an event for your clients such as an outing to a baseball game or picnic is a fun way to reconnect with them. For your clients who have just moved to the area, it’s a great opportunity for them to meet new people. And, it’s a great way for you to catch up on their status – or if they have anyone to refer.
  1. Send them a handwritten note. In a world full of texting, tweeting and emailing, sending your former client a handwritten note may seem old school, but it won’t go unnoticed. Including your business card in the note can help ensure they have your contact information handy.

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