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Referrals can come from anywhere. As a real estate agent, everywhere you go and anyone you talk to can potentially lead to a referral or business opportunity. Below are eight ways to build your referral business and make the most of everyday interactions.

  1. Friends, families & neighbors: Friends, family members and neighbors may be the most obvious source of referrals for your real estate business. They’re the most likely to sing your praises and vouch for your professionalism and outstanding work ethic. Remind them that you are never too busy for a referral.
  1. Chance encounters: Wearing a branded hat or t-shirt on vacation, during business travel or when you’re out shopping is any easy way to promote your business and show you’re an agent. It’s also a potential conversation starter that could lead to something more.
  1. Professional contacts: Your professional contacts (i.e., veterinarian, financial planner, doctor) often know their clients very well. Make sure they know what you do in case they can ever refer one of their clients looking to buy or sell their home.
  1. Service contacts: Small business owners from your local drycleaner, shipping store, florist or coffee shop often know their customers very well and see them often. Consider leaving them flyers or business cards in case they know anyone moving in or out of the area.
  1. Organizations, associations, groups: Joining local organizations, associations and groups such as a charity group, book club, homeowner’s association or union group is a great way to meet potential clients. Get involved by offering to hold a home buying/selling seminar or write an article for one of their newsletters if they have one.
  1. Business-focused: Seminar leads, moving companies, open house prospects and former real estate agents are excellent sources for new referrals. Reach out to them to see if they or anyone they know are interested in buying or selling their home. If your client is moving to a new city, help them on both sides of the transaction by submitting them to be matched with three top realtors in their new area through ReferralExchange.
  1. Corporate relocation: Many companies or organizations like regional retailers, military bases, local sports teams or colleges don’t have an official Relocation Department. Try reaching out to their HR department to offer your services.
  1. Advertising: Advertising your services in the local paper, newsletter (see tip #5), on Facebook, websites or through quarterly mailings are still effective ways to promote your business and attract new clients.

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