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We recently hosted a webinar with Chad Corbett and Jim Sullivan, co-founders of AllTheLeads – a service that sends probate leads to agents nationwide. Probate, for those who may be unfamiliar with the term and/or its relevance to real estate, is a legal process that occurs when someone passes away and the estate has assets of debt. “Filing probate documents is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s property under a will.”

Chad and Jim shared best practices for turning probate leads into listings including what the current market opportunity is, how to get and market probate leads, build your team, and how AllTheLeads.com can help you become a probate expert.

Opportunity with Probate

When it comes to opportunity in the probate marketplace, the numbers speak volumes. According to the Huffington Post and CNN Money, “Boomers will inherit up to $136 trillion in the next four decades,” and “Less than 30% of wealth advisors address inheritance strategy.” Chad and Jim emphasized the lack of competition in this market and the need for professional help for clients trying to sell property from an estate.

How to Get and Market Probate Leads

The best way to get these leads is by visiting your local courthouse (or county clerk’s office), pulling records and recording the contact information. Chad and Jim recommend compiling the information into a spreadsheet for easy tracking and follow-up. In addition, you should be marketing your skills and service to probate attorneys, personal representatives, nursing home and retirement home program coordinators, and family law/estate planning attorneys. Best practices for marketing to these individuals include direct mail, phone calls and networking in your community.

Build Your Probate Team

Probate properties aren’t always in the best shape, so you need to identify key partners to align yourself with to help you provide multiple solutions to sellers. These include cash buyers/investors, contractors, an estate sale company, a clean-out crew, and a title company/attorney.

Setting You Up for Success

Want to become the probate expert in your community? In addition to sending you monthly probate leads, AllTheLeads.com offers 50+ hours of professional training, customizable letter templates, automated direct mail services, a customizable WordPress probate website, and more.

Access the full presentation here.

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