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“How to stop resisting and start persisting.”

Are you looking for better balance and resilience in your personal and business life? If you nodded your head, keep reading. Bernice Ross, CEO of RealEstateCoach.com and author of The PQ Factor, recently joined us to share how to stop procrastination, be more successful, live longer, increase your emotional resilience, and truly make your dreams a reality.

During the webinar, Bernice shared how to apply the seven steps of the PERSIST model to improve your business and your life, become more persistent by increasing your emotional resilience and “Walk in the solution” to get the best possible outcome in any situation.

Here are some key takeaways:

Sync your brain for peak performance. If you’re ever down or having a bad day, Bernice recommends listening to music you like with a good beat that makes you want to snap your fingers or tap your feet. This allows both sides of your brain to get in synch which is associated with peak performance. Another way to reach peak performance is to anchor a positive feeling. For example, tapping your shoulder three times when you are laughing anchors that feeling — and you can then bring it back at any time by tapping your shoulder again when you need it.

Use the seven steps to PERSIST (perspire, embrace, resilience, self-ish, internal, service, timing).

Perspire: You naturally attract people who are similar to you. If you want clients who are fun, be fun. If you want clients who are honest, be honest. Often, we say “yes” to business that we should really say “no” to. If that little voice inside says a potential client is not a good fit, listen to it!

Embrace: No one ever got to the top by working on their weaknesses. Identify where you’re strongest and build from there. Top producers often specialize in one or two areas and delegate what they don’t do well to others. In addition, schedule your most difficult tasks or project during a time when your energy is at its peak. When it comes to your weaknesses, find the workaround.

Resilience: Optimism can help your business by helping you remain resilient. A Seligman research study found that optimistic salespeople outsold experienced salespeople by 56 percent. Additionally, your degree of optimism can also impact your health including reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

If you are facing a serious illness, remember that, “You are NOT the situation…walk in the positive outcome that you want to achieve.” When you can separate the situation from who you are, you can overcome major life challenges.

Self-ish: Self-ish in The PQ Factor is about caring for yourself so you can help others. You can achieve this by upgrading your self-care. For example, schedule 30 minutes to an hour a day where you do something for you (e.g., reading, gardening, cooking). Promise to give your body healthy food, plenty of water and an extra hour of sleep each night. Make sure to take time to unplug every day so you can recharge and be prepared for tomorrow.

Internal: Having a sense of control in your life is very important, especially for your resilience and health. You can become rejection proof by becoming more internally anchored. The next time someone asks you what you’d like to do, give a specific answer. No matter what happens to you, remember that while you may not be able to control the event, you can control how you respond to it. To help curb procrastination and end struggle, commit to doing one thing a day — whether it’s doing one push-up or walking five minutes. The point is that it’s a start, and once you get started, it’s easier to keep going.

Service: Bernice explained how to build your “Karmic” bank account. When you smile or laugh, you build up a reserve of strength in your body, which strengthens your autoimmune response. When you share a smile or laugh with someone, you’re giving them that same gift of strength. Also, it’s not enough to give; you must also be willing to receive. When someone offers to pay for your meal or do a favor for you, make sure you say thank you. It helps keep the pattern of giving and receiving going.

Timing: Time it right — when the timing is right, the doors open effortlessly. When you decide you’re going to implement something new in your business, you need to stick with it long enough to see if it really does work. Decide what the top three things are that matter most to you, and focus on those.

What is the one action step that you will take to stop resisting and start persisting in your life?

Watch the full webinar here and grab a copy of Bernice’s new book The PQ Factor.