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3D technology and virtual reality can be powerful marketing tools when working with both buyers and sellers — but it’s often expensive and complicated to use effectively.

Steve Bintz, Director of Sales at immoviewer — an app and tool that makes it easy for agents to take high-resolution pictures and 3D virtual tour of properties, recently joined us to share how to:

  • Use VR to create powerful listing and buyer appointments.
  • Learn how to integrate VR into your everyday business.
  • Find less expensive and easy-to-use solutions.

3D technology and virtual reality are not just a trend. According to NAR research, in 2016, 82% of homebuyers rated virtual tours as useful, and 70% of agents said consumers expected virtual tours to be made available. In addition, consumers interact with 3D and VR content on a daily basis — e.g., VR content from the New York Times, attending virtual concerts via iHeart Media, and Play Station VR gaming on YouTube’s platform.

“For the buyer, 3D tours are a more convenient way of looking at lots of houses in a short span of time in the initial research phase of their purchase. This is because the video quality is HD, and you can totally immerse yourself in a panoramic 360-degree view of the property. For sellers, 3D tours are a safer and more convenient option,” says Bintz.

Virtual reality vs. video. The biggest difference between VR and video is that VR is completely customizable to what the viewer wants to see. In a video, everyone has the same experience, and you can’t pause it or choose where you go next in real time.

You need to start integrating 3D and VR into your business today. It’s estimated that 171 million consumers will be using this technology by 2018 — across all industries. The reality is, that most consumers will be expecting to use this technology at some point in the homebuying or selling process.

Only 2.4% of listings have true virtual tours. This is largely due to the fact that traditional VR tours can be time-consuming, difficult to implement, and expensive, so they’re used primarily for advertising high-end listings.

In response to these challenges, immoviewer has created an easy and affordable DIY solution for real estate professionals. With immoviewer, there is only one shot required per room and the only hardware you need is one 360-degree camera, synched with the immoviewer app on a mobile device. This means that you can seamlessly capture a 2,000-square foot house in just 30 minutes.

Using virtual reality for listings mean you will be able to:

  • Differentiate yourself in the market — look good before, during, and after the sale.
  • Show your clients you have all the latest tools and technology to generate qualified showings and sell their home (i.e., premium service as part of a full-service marketing plan).
  • Leverage for exclusive buyer representation by using VR (e.g., buyers who are out of town, too busy).
  • Easily embed 3D virtual tours on your website and share on social media.
  • Use as part of a pre-listing/lead generation campaign to show potential clients how you are different from other agents.
  • Capture leads from listings — potential buyers are more likely to explore listings when they have better content.
  • Lock rooms to generate leads, allowing you to require a prospect’s contact information prior to unlocking the rest of the tour.
  • Show properties to anyone, anytime, anywhere by inviting up to 25 participants to view properties in real time.
  • Instantly access VR mode from any mobile device’s browser (no app needed).

With immoviewer 3D virtual tours, you are able to save time by easily creating, sharing and managing tours, make money through lead generation for listing and buyer’s agents, and grow by developing new business relationships with tech.

Watch the full webinar here and learn more at immoviewer.com.