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5 Things to Do Before 2018

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’ve officially entered the chaotic weeks leading up to the holidays – oh, and the end of 2017.

As we reflect on what we’re thankful for (i.e., our talented team, hardworking agents, incredible partners) and continue planning for next year, we’ve put together a few things you can do in the coming weeks to make 2018 even better than 2017.

  1. Acknowledge who helped make 2017 a great year. This sounds simple, but who made this past year memorable for you? Perhaps it was your team, clients, family, friends, vendors, or referral sources. Make a list of these people and give yourself a budget for how much you’d like to spend on a gift for them. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way, so keep in mind their interests or hobbies when shopping for them, and don’t forget that handwritten thank you note – those will never go out of style.
  1. Take the Referral Challenge. As you assess your overall performance, take a close look at how many referrals you did this past year – now increase that number by 50% for 2018. Look at where most of your referrals came from. If it was past clients, it may be time to invest in other referral sources too (e.g., social media, email marketing, online advertising, referral networks). Download our Referral Report for a deep dive into referrals, their value and methods for successful referrals. And use our Referral Planner to help you prepare for next year.
  1. Map out your year. We don’t just mean hypothetically “mapping out and planning your year,” – we mean creating a list or map of where you will physically be traveling in the New Year – for conferences, association events, client engagements, etc. Each year we create a Conference Map of where we’ll be traveling. This not only keeps us organized, but also helps us connect with our agents who live in those cities or may be attending those same events. Inman recently published a great list of 2018 events. Think about whether it’s worth bringing some of your team members with you this time. Our first event of the year will be Inman Connect New York in January – will we see you there?
  1. Compare 2017 to 2016. 2016 may feel like a decade ago, but comparing this past years’ activities and achievements to it is one of the best ways to measure your performance. You did after all create your plan for the year back in 2016. If there were any goals or milestones, you did not achieve this past year, prioritize them at the top of your list for 2018.
  1. Reconnect with your community. The holidays are a great time to pause, volunteer and give back as things slow down. Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen, dog shelter or host a party for your neighbors and clients. Ask that everyone bring canned goods, toys or winter coats to collect and donate. When you get out and active in your community, the possibilities of who you might meet or help (with a real estate need or otherwise) are endless.

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