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Whether stuck in traffic or on the treadmill at the gym, chances are you’ve listened to a podcast at least once. In today’s digital world, they’re more popular than ever and according to 2018 Edison Research, “monthly listeners grew from 24% of Americans 12+ to 26% year over year.”

Our VP of Marketing Lisa Fettner recently interviewed Bill Risser, VP of Digital Strategy at Fidelity National Title and Founder/Host of The Real Estate Sessions Podcast to discuss all things podcasting.

If you’re considering starting your own podcast, below are a few tips from Bill to keep in mind:

  • Starting your own podcast is easier than ever. Bill recommends the podcast hosting site anchor.fm as an easy solution for agents to get started. All you need is your phone and the Anchor app – it’s really that simple.
  • Create a website for your podcast and use social media to drive traffic back to it. If you interview a guest on your podcast, ask them to share and promote it to their network to expand your reach.
  • Tap into your specific market knowledge and create content through podcasting by consistently sharing unique tips and best practices.
  • Keep your podcasts short and sweet. Bill recommends keeping them 5 to 10 minutes in length and producing them once a week or monthly – it’s all about being consistent.
  • Search key words in your podcast app (e.g., real estate, real estate marketing) to find related podcasts for inspiration.
  • When starting your own podcast, it’s as simple as getting started and sticking with it.

Click above to watch the full interview.

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