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With over one billion users worldwide, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social platforms for brands to market themselves. For real estate professionals, Instagram has become a great way for agents to promote their listings, offer a peek into their open houses, highlight restaurants and shops in desirable neighborhoods and much more.

Our VP of Marketing Lisa Fettner recently interviewed Anne Jones, Broker/Owner at Windermere Abode in Tacoma’s Old Town neighborhood. Anne first started playing around with Instagram and video back in 2011 – and today, her account (@tacomajones) which offers a glimpse into life in Tacoma (e.g., charming homes, small local businesses, beautiful scenery) is well known amongst the industry with over 8,000 engaged followers.

Below are tips from Anne on how you can use Instagram to find your brand voice and generate more referral business.

  • Consistency and knowing your brand’s voice is Anne’s key to success on Instagram. When she joined the social network, she looked at who was following and engaging with her account, she asked what they wanted to see more of and built out her content from there. She also recommends looking at other accounts both in and outside the real estate industry for creative inspiration and ideas.
  • Anne describes social media as the modern coffee shop and explains that as an agent you have to figure out where your clients are spending the most time online (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and then focus on engaging on those platforms.
  • Instagram has also become an effective way for agents to generate new referral business. When an agent is researching online to refer a client who’s moving to another part of the country, they could look at your Instagram page to see what your personality is like, what neighborhoods you focus on, your pulse on the community and market, etc.
  • For agents who want to become more active on Instagram, Anne suggests being consistent with your content, using Instagram stories to engage your followers and make sure you have a great bio description and website link at the top of your profile.

Click above to watch the full interview and follow Anne Jones on Instagram at @tacomajones.

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