Press mentions and news items about ReferralExchange.

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Several ReferralExchange Team Members attended the RealTrends Gathering of Eagles Conference in Dallas last week.  Some highlights of the conference included:

Jed Carlson from Adwerx told us that LTV isn’t just Loan-to-Value, but is actually the Lifetime Value of a client.  To calculate a client’s lifetime value, simply multiply your average commission by estimated repeat business.

Geoff Colvin talked about how there is really no substitute for human interaction.  Did you know that when two people are speaking to each other face-to-face, their brains line up in sync with one another?  Our pupils dilate in sympathy with the other person and we tend to mimic body position and tone of voice in order to establish trust.

Dave Ridley from Southwest Airlines shared the company’s philosophy when working with employees and customers – “Without a heart, it’s just a machine.”

And finally, Sherry Chris led a panel of Gen Z’ers (13 – 19 year olds) who told us that Facebook is for old people.  They primarily use SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter.   They are also more focused on a product vs. a brand, and don’t much care about company culture or who they are.

ReferralExchange was included on the 2016 HousingWire Tech100 list. “Technology is critical for companies in the housing economy, who are striving to be accessible to consumers, efficient in their operations and compliant with regulations. That’s why, for the third year in a row, HousingWire is recognizing the most innovative technology companies in our industry in the HW Tech100.”

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