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Managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts for your business can be challenging. So is it really necessary to add another social media account to the list?

If we’re talking about Snapchat – the real-time image-based messaging app that has 100 million daily users, and your client base is primarily Gen Xers and Millennials – the short answer is yes. While you may be apprehensive to create yet another social platform, this app has already proven to be an excellent way to create client engagement and retention. Given below are six reasons you should embrace the Snapchat phenomenon.

  1. Millennials love it. Snapchat embodies everything millennials enjoy – content that is fun, fast, on-demand, easily accessible and engaging. According to a recent NAR study, 35 percent of all buyers were millennials, which means you want to be where this younger generation is – and that’s on Snapchat. In addition, millennial homebuyers expect their real estate agent to be tech savvy and current with the latest trends and apps, just like they are. Imagine how impressed your clients would be if you sent them a few Snapchat videos of the homes you were previewing for them!
  1. Real estate is a visual business. It’s not news that compelling photos and videos significantly help the sale of a home. Fortunately for those in the real estate industry, that’s what Snapchat is all about. Use the app as a “teaser” for your listings, sharing the best features of the home in a few snaps. In seconds, if your buyer likes what they saw, they’ll likely pick up the phone to call or schedule a tour. You can also build content around the neighborhoods you specialize in, such as sharing photos at your favorite local restaurant or coffee shop.
  1. You can use your current accounts to grow your following. Using your established social media accounts to help cross promote your Snapchat account is a great way to grow your following. For example, tweet a photo of your new listings and then tell your followers to add you on Snapchat for exclusive videos of the property. Plus, saving and repurposing your Snapchat videos on other channels is fast and easy.
  1. It’s a temporary, real-time engagement. Recipients on Snapchat can only view photos for one to ten seconds (24 hours when posted to your story) before it’s gone for good. There are two big benefits to this: the first is not having to hassle with the data storage of emailing and texting photos and videos. The second is having the recipient’s undivided attention because they don’t have distractions such as a newsfeed to intercept the message you’re trying to send them. In addition, if you send out a few photos on Snapchat of a home you’re listing, viewers will know those photos were taken the day you posted them and that they’re not six-year-old photos when the home might have been in a different condition. It doesn’t get much more authentic than that.
  1. It’s fun. Unlike other social media channels and apps, Snapchat does not show engagement metrics, such as how many followers you have or how many shares your posts have garnered. Instead, users can only see who has viewed the videos and photos they share. This means more time for you to focus on the fun and compelling content you are going to share, and less time worrying about another agent having more followers or “likes” than you. No numbers = no worry. Fun filters and the ability to easily add text captions make the process super simple.
  1. It’s not going anywhere. Snapchat’s popularity is only a glimpse at where technology and the real estate industry is headed. There’s no better time than now to start learning and embracing this fast-paced social media app. You can download the free app here.

There are numerous online tutorials available if you don’t have a teenager or millennial around to help you. Be sure to check back on our next two blogs – the first will give you some tips to help you start using Snapchat like a pro, and the final blog will give you tips on incorporating Snapchat into your business.

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